Get Your Free Hat This Labor Day!

Celebrate Labor Day with Uncle Andy! 

It's Labor Day weekend! Time to celebrate America's Labor Movement, enjoy an oh-so-well-deserved long weekend and eat some tasty meats while you're at it....come on, you know you want to.

In celebration of this awesome holiday weekend we're offering a free hat for the next 20 orders over $50! 

That's right, cheers to 'Merica and Uncle Andy's Jerky. Btw, have you seen our hats? They're pretty freaking cool. 

Order $50 or more of Uncle Andy's today and get a free hat. Choose from one of our crafty flavors like Bandito Loco's Spicy Coffee, Lumberjack Maple Bourbon, Southern Gent Lemon Mint, or Tex's Tangy BBQ. many yummy options to choose from. Order today and look stylish tomorrow with Uncle Andy's Jerky!
-Uncle Andy