Help Kick Start Our Kickstarter

October 07, 2015

You've hopefully heard that we recently unveiled our new Boise's Mushroom Blue Cheese flavor and we're so stoked about it! Utilizing Rogue Creamery's Blue Heaven Blue Cheese we've created a delicious on-the-go jerky snack based on our favorite blue cheese steak recipe.

And get can be one of the very first to try it if you give us a hand with our Kickstarter campaign! 

Here's the deal...being a bootstrapped startup company we've faced our fair share of challenges and with the cost of producing retail "store-ready" packaging being so high (due to initial volume requirements) we have struggled to cover this cost. However, we're hoping that you can help us get over this hump to complete our first production run. 

Donate to our Kickstarter campaign and help us get this flavor launched - CLICK HERE!